Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Radio Images

Users of CM9 and other custom ROM's on their Sprint Galaxy Nexus (toroplus) are no longer able to upgrade their radio firmware via Sprint's official OTA upgrades.  This means you need to use either fastboot or recovery in order to flash modem upgrades.  Below are fastboot images and CWM recovery .zip's that you need to redo or upgrade your radio firmware for both CDMA and LTE.

If you experience weird radio issues, this is sometimes sign of corruption.  Try re-flashing your radio firmware from scratch, then do Settings > About phone > Sprint system updates where you are able to Update Profile and Update PRL.

If you use CM9 or other custom ROM's, you should flash directly to the latest version FD02.  Be warned that flashing CDMA takes almost 2 minutes.

FD02 May 1st, 2012
  • Fastboot: radio-cdma-FD02.img [1] [2]
    • md5sum: ff1f2311d49f3bcf52375bf8cde6b2f8
    • fastboot flash radio-cdma radio-cdma-FD02.img
  • Fastboot: radio-LTE-FD02.img [1] [2]
    • md5sum: 8ad889bd2ce175e6e0e62d2fb786e162
    • fastboot flash radio radio-LTE-FD02.img
  • CWM Recovery: [1] [2]
    • md5sum: 2d5ee80c0c6936c019b52a9de63f0962
FC12 April 22nd, 2012 (original stock version)
  • Fastboot: radio-cdma-FC12.img [1] [2]
    • md5sum: 13d3302875d17fad3767158f3753d549
    • fastboot flash radio-cdma radio-cdma-FC12.img
  • Fastboot: radio-LTE-FC12.img [1] [2]
    • md5sum: 005d19fe19d4df458e32b4b25ed75824
    • fastboot flash radio radio-LTE-FC12.img
  • CWM Recovery: [1] [2]
    • md5sum: a3f89446bc88cbd9a2ee7e0005a24d41
Thanks to winner00 and many testers in #gn-sprint!


    1. Forgive me for being a noob but I was under the impression that the FC12-FDO1 Flashable update was intendned to give the latest radio for CDMA while patching the LTE radio - and that once flashed this was a better update than the FD02 radios that are out there - is that not the case? Are the two FD02 Raduis (CDMA/LTE)supposed to be Better than the patched FC12 -and FDO1 that come thru the flash/OTA ?

    2. True, ut I didn't install CM9 alpha.

    3. Just flash the CWM zip if you have FD02/FC12 (or FD01) radio mix. Only one radio upgraded yesterday for me, and the new CWM zip worked *perfectly* for me.

    4. Flashable zip worked for me with cwm and latest cm9 nightly. Tank you so much!

    5. Flashable zip worked here. I had the hybrid problem (FD02/FC12).

      Only question is now that I have the radio's updated, will future OTA system updates work? I use the restock odin on ACSyndicate's site first.


      1. Only if you're on a stock build,and you've temporarily unrooted(or using "Root Keeper" by Supercurio) *and* you flash *stock* recovery back temporarily. BUT-If you have any kind of custom ROM--cm9,AOKP,etc.. you will not be able to accept OTA updates like normal. If you try, the OTA will check for a stock setup as defined in the update script, and it will fail before running. Makes no difference, as we still have the same ability to fix our own problems, we just go through this alternate route, and its simple enough to do as needed. Its also just as effective. Unless you plan on unrooting and flashing stock recovery every time there is an OTA, you are better of flashing the updates posted here, as they are created for users to have smooth transitions when flashing with a custom ROM.
        Like I said though. If you're going to run stock based ROMs, you need to unroot and flash stock recovery. Otherwise, you'll be in good hands with custom OTA zips and fastboot-flashables from your custom ROM's developer. They will provide everything you need ;-)

    6. Will this work even if I'm staying with the stock Rom?

    7. Hi. I have a rooted Sprint GN which is unlocked and I have opted to continue running the stock rom and I have CWM installed. I tried your method of flashing to FC12 radio but I still can't get the OTAs to install. It still says failed to verify signature or something when I try to install the OTA update with the lil red android pic in the back in I guess in CWM. What am I doing wrong? Can someone help? I can send screen images if needed. Thanks.

    8. I recently put jelly bean on my phone, I'm having issues with MMS not going through, could this be because I need to upgrade my radio?

      1. More likely your rom. I use cm10 nightlys and mms works perfectly on it

    9. whenever i try to flash my radios using cwm, i get an error message saying status 7. why wont it work? i've tried everything i can think of. now i have no reception on my phone. i'm running stock 4.0.1, and my phone is rooted.

    10. Is FH05 the most recent radio? Mine has very poor signal strength.

    11. Is there any way to update the GA02 radio to a good working status like FD02? It would be nice to have a choice of radios.