Thursday, June 28, 2012

CM9 RC1 for Sprint Galaxy Nexus

CM9 RC1 for Sprint Galaxy Nexus is now available.  Please follow us on Google+ for future news and discussion specific to this phone.

Please report if you find anything broken either in blog comments or this Google+ thread.

Release Notes: CM9 RC1
  • Read the radio firmware upgrade page!
  • Known Bugs
  • Google Wallet works, get it from Play Store.
    • "Unsupported device" appears at the top of the screen.  This warning exists because your phone bootloader is unlocked and ROM is modified, indicating that they are not liable for losses as a result of your phone's security.
  • Default Colors are brighter than stock.
    • If you want to save more battery, adjust the color settings in Settings > Advanced to make the screen dimmer.
Review of CM9 on Sprint Galaxy Nexus

  • CM9 RC1
  • If you want a known stable build, use CM9 beta1.
    • Download []
    • md5sum aa4c5376df0088a8f2ba2b30a1803418
  • Nightly builds are also available for the more adventurous from
For initial install you will need the toroplus version of CWM.

Install Instructions
For more detailed instructions please see the CyanogenMod Wiki page.  Below are the abbreviated instructions.
  • Due to the radio firmware upgrade issues, you are advised to apply Sprint's FD02 version OTA upgrade prior to unlocking your bootloader and replacing the firmware.
  • If you have not already, you need to unlock your bootloader.  Unlocking will wipe your phone entirely including /data and /sdcard.

How to unlock Galaxy Nexus bootloader

    • While in the bootloader, use this command to flash CWM recovery.  (Instructions to make fastboot work on different operating systems coming soon.)
      fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-
    How to install CM9 on Sprint Galaxy Nexus

    • Run Recovery.  It is *important* that you use the toroplus-specific CWM (or TWRP).  Users have reported strange problems with CM9 when they used a different recovery.
    • Wipe /data and /cache.  CM9 boot will fail if you have leftover AOSP /data. 
    • Flash CM9.
    • Then optionally flash gapps if you want it.
    • Read the radios page to upgrade to the latest radio.
    • CM9 first boot will take a while.  You might show no signal at first.  Just keep waiting for the modem to settle down.


    1. I noticed sometimes I get reboots when I pull down the notification area. Also can not play voice mail from call history menu. I use Google voice. Love the screen rotation. Keep up the good work.

    2. user@laptop /run/media/jjj/OSDisk/Downloads/sph-720d-i9020-toroplus/unlt202 $ /run/media/jjj/OSDisk/Downloads/sph-720d-i9020-toroplus/unlt202/platform-tools/fastboot flash recovery ../recovery-clockwork-touch-
      sending 'recovery' (5990 KB)...
      OKAY [ 0.826s]
      writing 'recovery'...
      OKAY [ 0.818s]
      finished. total time: 1.644s
      user@laptop /run/media/jjj/OSDisk/Downloads/sph-720d-i9020-toroplus/unlt202 $

      Then I select "RECOVERY" in the bootloader menu, only to see "Google" logo with the lock sign at the bottom rather than the ClockWorkMod (CWM) menu.